3.5.1 Mandatory and Voluntary IndWMPs

The Waste Act provides for mandatory and voluntary industry waste management plans. The Minister or MEC may give directions that a person, category of persons or an industry that generates waste prepares an IndWMP. The Minister is the regulatory authority for IndWMPs in which waste generating activities affect more than one province or are conducted in more than one province.

The following industries are preparing mandatory IndWMPs in consultation with DEA:

  • Tyre industry for waste tyres.
  • Paper and Packaging for packaging and paper waste.
  • Lighting industry for mercury containing lamps e.g. CFLs.
  • Pesticide Industry for residual pesticides and pesticide containers.

Over the course of the next five years, IndWMPs will be required for different forms of ewaste and batteries, and other waste streams that are best managed through an IndWMP.