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Legislation and Policy:

National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008

A National Framework for Sustainable Development in South Africa, July 2008

Strategic Plan for the Environmental Sector 2008-2013

White Paper on Integrated Pollution and Waste Management for South Africa, March 2000

National Waste Management Strategy, Version D, October 1999

National Waste Management Strategy:

Framework for the National Waste Management Strategy (Final Document), June 2009

NWMS Framework Consultation Report

Waste Act Implementation Plan

Research Workshop Report, September 2009

Summary of key strategic issues to inform the NWMS (Updated with stakeholder comments Nov 2009)

Summary of stakeholder comment on Strategic Issues paper

First Draft of the National Waste Management Strategy, March 2010

Research Papers:

Waste Service Delivery Project:

Discussion Document towards a National Policy on Free Basic Waste Removal and National Waste Collection Standards - Draft, April 2009

Comparative Assessment of Existing Domestic Waste Collection Standards, March 2009

Waste Sector Challenges and Vision Report, February 2009

Review of Municipal Indigent Policies, February 2009

Review of Free Basic Services Policies - Other Sectors, February 2009