The National Waste Management Strategy

How we manage waste is an indication of how sustainable our society is. As a developing country that is undergoing rapid urbanization with a growing industrial base, the challenge of waste management is becoming increasingly important. Effective and sustainable waste management is a priority for government.

The National Waste Management Strategy is a statutory requirement of the recently promulgated National Environmental Management: Waste Act. The new strategy will build on the previous Waste Management Strategy published in 1999, as well as the extensive inputs from stakeholders made during the process of developing the Waste Act.

Four phases were planned for the strategy, with an inception phase producing a framework for the strategy, followed by a phase of baseline research, then formulation of the first draft, followed by consultation and finalisation of the strategy.

Stakeholders have been engaged in each phase of the development of the strategy, and there have been numerous stakeholder engagements on different aspects of the strategy. The on-line consultation exercise complements these engagements and provides an additional, efficient channel for stakeholders to submit their comments on the gazetted draft strategy.