Terms of use

  1. This web-site contains user-generated content in the form of comments on documents and postings to discussion forums. The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism “the Department” accepts no responsibility for the veracity, accuracy, or nature of the user-generated content on this site.
  2. Notwithstanding point 1 above, all user content on this site is moderated on a regular basis in terms of:
    1. Relevance – comments and discussion topics that are not relevant to the content of the site will be removed.
    2. Tone – comments that are likely to give offence and/or constitute personal attacks on other users of the site will be removed.
  3. Users of the site who are guilty of persistent abuse in terms of point 2 above may be deregistered, thereby preventing them from contributing content to the site.
  4. During the process of registering, certain information is gathered about users. This is purely for the maintenance of a stakeholder database by the Department in terms of the consultation processes and contact details of users will not be disclosed to any third party at any point.
  5. From time to time the department will email site users to communicate information about the consultation process – all such correspondence will include an “opt-out” link enabling the user to be removed from the Department’s mailing list.