Industry Waste Management Plans (IndWMPs) are the main co-regulatory instrument within the waste management system. They describe the waste related issues within an industry, and specify how the industry will address these issues, giving specific actions, targets and timeframes.

Part 7 of the Waste Act, section 28 to section 34, sets out the requirements for IndWMPs, which may be prepared on a mandatory or voluntary basis. The Minister may request an IndWMP for waste generating activities that affect more than one province or which occur in more than one province. The provincial MEC may request an IndWMP for waste generating activities within the province, provided that such a plan has not already been requested by the Minister. Industry may also prepare and submit plans on a voluntary basis. Each of these mechanisms will be described in more detail below.


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Table 8

we note the time frame of two years for the Waste Stream IndWMP for the remaining six types of e-waste. Will this be a voluntary plan or will the Minister ask for a plan to be developed?