3.5 Listing and Licensing of waste management activities

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In addition to standards which may be set for waste management activities, the process of listing and licensing of waste management activities is the primary means by which these activities are regulated.  Listing of waste management activities, which is the first step in the process, establishes either a particular licensing regime for that activity, or a set of standards that need to be adhered to when engaging in the activity in the event that the activity is regarded as an acceptable use.


To set standards

To set standards and registration with SAWIS small scale entrepreneurs who recover recyclate to on-sell to the end use market will be impractical. This would deter small to medium scale entrepreneurs from getting involved in recovery of recyclables. The result thereof will be lower recyclables being recovered as well as job losses to collectors of recyclables who sell the recyclables to small scale and medium scale entrepreneurs, to eke out a living. In summary, current recovery levels of recyclables will decrease and job creation will be negatively impacted on.