The NWMS aligns with the Government-wide Monitoring and Evaluation System (GWM&E)59 outputs. Section 2, Table 4 of the strategy establishes national targets and indicators for monitoring and reporting on the NWMS. DEA will collate and review information on each of these indicators at least once a year.

The national targets and indicators for monitoring and reporting on the NWMS will be translated into specific targets and indicators for each provincial and municipal IWMP60.

Effective monitoring requires annual performance reports on the implementation of the national, provincial and municipal IWMPs. These performance reports must include:

  • The extent to which the plan has been implemented during the period.
  • Waste management initiatives undertaken during the reporting period.
  • Delivery of waste management services.
  • Level of compliance with the IWMP and applicable waste management standards.
  • Measures to secure compliance with waste management standards.
  • For Provinces, the extent to which municipalities comply with the plan and reasons for any non-compliance.

The Waste Act61 specifies further requirements for the reports and the Minister may prescribe more.

Provinces submit their annual performance report to the MEC and the Minister for approval. Municipalities submit their reports in accordance with section 46 of the Municipal Systems Act. The first report will provide a baseline and each year's performance will become the following year's baseline.

Local municipalities submit their IWMP annual performance report to the district municipality, who then submits their IWMP annual performance report to the province. Provincial IWMP annual performance reports are then submitted to the national department who produce a national IWMP annual performance report. Deadlines and approval requirements in the Waste Act for annual performance reports are listed in Error! Reference source not found.8: Reporting requirements for IWMP annual performance reports

  National Department Provincial Department Municipality
Deadline for receipt of annual performance report No later than 31 May each year No later than 31 August each year
Report required Annual performance report on implementation of IWMPs Annual performance report to include progress reports on IWMPs
Approval required Minister MEC and Minister Respective councils; copy to MEC; Minister DEA and DCOG


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