3.5 Industry Waste Management Plans

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The industry waste management plan (IndWMP) is a planning instrument that will identify how a specific waste stream will be managed by industry. The IndWMP gives industry the opportunity to set out the additional standards that it will meet for waste management activities and how it will adhere to these. The IndWMP will commit the industry to targets for the management of the waste which may include recycling, recovery or re-use targets or in some cases waste collection targets depending on the waste stream. The industry will be required to report on these agreed targets, which will indicate the success or not of the plan.

IndWMPs can be waste stream specific or company specific, and can be submitted on a voluntary basis or as directed by the Minister through a notice in a government gazette. IndWMPs will assist industries to:

  • Identify management and financing mechanisms for specific waste streams.
  • Identify waste avoidance and minimisation targets for industrial sectors or companies.
  • Set performance targets for the management, recycling, re-use and recovery of either a specific waste stream or wastes from a specific industry.
  • Support a licence application.
  • Identify the regulatory support required to achieve maximum compliance with the plan among industry stakeholders.