On receipt of the plan the Minister or MEC may approve the plan with amendments, or require a revised plan or reject the plan with reasons48.

An approval must appear in the gazette and stipulate the period for which the approval applies. An approved plan prepared by an organ of state or provincial department must indicate in the gazette how and when the plan will be implemented.

If the Minister or MEC requests amendments and the person(s) preparing the plan do not meet these within the stipulated timeframes, it constitutes a failure to submit an IndWMP. The Minister or MEC will reconsider a plan if it is the first resubmission.

If the Minister or MEC rejects an IndWMP more than once, or if a person required to produce a plan fails to do so, then the Minister or MEC may specify the waste management measures that must be taken49, ensuring that the industry is not advantaged by the failure to submit an approved plan.

IndWMPs must be reviewed at intervals specified in the written approval or the gazette. IndWMP review periods will take into account the review periods of waste management licences.


  1. As per section 32 of the Waste Act.
  2. As per section 33(1) of the Act.